For Litigation Executives

No one understands better than our Advisors the art of balancing spend management with outcome improvement. We understand the challenges of managing costs while focusing on the bigger picture, of ensuring control while enhancing collaboration with outside counsel. Our Advisors are experienced in all forms of litigation management, from the creation of staff counsel programs to the development of alternative fee arrangements. Above all, we understand the relevance and pressures on litigation executives today to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness (ROI) of their litigation programs. Each of our engagements is scoped very carefully to be directly on point with our customers’ objectives, so as to deliver cost-effective, quick, and actionable results.

Some examples of our services include:

  • Assessing Litigation Management Effectiveness
  • Evaluating and Refining Litigation Guidelines
  • Developing Effective Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA)
  • Staff Counsel Development and Assessment
  • Panel Law Firm Consolidation and RFP Management
  • Litigation Support Vendor Consolidation and RFP Management
  • Centralized Invoice Review Unit Creation and Management
  • Best Practices Training for Invoice Reviewers
  • Creating or Refining Law Firm Scorecards and Analysis
  • Development and Refinement of Litigation Metrics and Analytics