For Law Firms

Law firms play a central role in the advancement of the goals of the  Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance. No other industry organization is as focused on inclusiveness, education, collaboration, and the further of communication between law firms and their principals and customers.

Our Advisors understand the win-win objectives necessary in today’s litigation environment, particularly as relates to positioning law firms favorably in the eyes of insurance, claim, and legal department executives. Many of our advisors have been former purchasers of legal services and have also served in private practice. Our ability to understand both sides of the equation makes us especially effective when we undertake law firm engagements.

Some examples of the services we provide to law firms include:

  • The Development and Refinement of Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA) programs
  • Client Management Education and Training for Attorneys
  • Merger and Acquisition Assistance
  • Marketing and Branding Evaluation
  • Effective Reporting and Communication Development