Steven Henning

henning | 913.626.9491

Steven brings to CLM Advisors’ clients more than 30 years in the insurance and reinsurance industries.  His practice with CLM Advisors focuses primarily on elevating the claim audit to predictive analytics, helping claim organizations to predictively identify the 20 percent of claims that drive 80 percent of loss.

Steven’s background encompasses the management of primary and excess claims with an emphasis on primary, excess and reinsurance asbestos and pollution claims, excess liability claims and professional liability claims.  He also has extensive structured settlement and loss structuring experience.

Prior to joining CLM Advisors, Steven was Vice President, Senior Risk Specialist, for Swiss Re America, responsible for internal worldwide claim quality review.  In prior roles he assisted Swiss Re clients to assess and improve their claim department performance.  He has extensive experience in claim audit design and implementation, process analysis, redesign and change management.

Areas of Expertise and Career Highlights:

  • Catastrophic bodily injury investigation, evaluation and negotiation
  • Property total loss investigation, evaluation and negotiation
  • Complex coverage and catastrophic BI litigation (company reprehensive at trial)
  • Professional liability adjudication with underlying GL, Property, Medical Malpractice (Nursing Home) legal liability losses
  • Excess Liability – Motor home modification
  • Excess Workers Compensation
  • Excess Liability – Asbestos & Environmental (company rep in litigation for coverage issues)
  • Reinsurance claim adjudication – all lines
  • Structured Settlement broker
  • Portfolio Transfer experience
  • Stockbroker
  • Expert Witness – coverage
  • Claim trainer
  • Audit program creation – quality and reserve adequacy
  • Client Claim department evaluation (quality and predictive analytics)
  • Internal operational risk auditor
  • Arbitrator
  • Mediator