Our Vision

It is our vision to be the premier consulting resource of the claims and litigation management industry. We serve members, fellows, and service providers of the Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance, as well as other industry participants. Each of our Advisors shares a common objective — to create a safe, trusted, and effective place for claims, litigation, law firm, and corporate legal department executives to turn for their consulting and advisory needs. Because of our unique relationship with the CLM, each Advisor enjoys unparalleled access to the industry’s leaders, the most current thinking, and the industry’s most effective practices.

CLM Advisors was created in response to needs expressed by industry leaders. These executives shared their desire for advisors with hands-on experience, deep credentials, and the ability to not only strategize but execute as well. In short, CLM Advisors have sat in the chairs of our customers, have tackled their problems, and have learned the most effective and best ways to tackle the problems faced across the industry.